SOUL at PFW 2024

  • With Mashrou3 El Sa3ada

    Sacer advocates for the mental health of marginalized communities through artwork on sustainable streetwear. Mashrou El Saada focuses on psychological & emotional well-being of local communities through color therapy & biophilic architecture. Our shared values will help members of Heissa Island near Aswan, Egypt maintain their traditional indigenous art.

  • Circular Production

    At Sacer we believe in circular production and closing the loop. We have a zero waste policy and we actively seek pre-consumer waste from dead-stock and scraps from factories all over Egypt. Up-cycling fabrics, accessories, and packaging are not just buzzwords we use to ride the sustainability trend, its in our DNA and core business.

  • People & Planet

    Sustainability for us is not only concerned with using innovative fabrics or thinking of circular production techniques. We work hard to adopt a much more hollistic and multifaceted view, taking into consideration the people behind it all who without them nothing would be possible. This includes the farmers, artists, designers, manufacturers, and all partners that impact Sacer in any way. It's important for us to make people feel valued and ensure all human rights are adhered to and more.

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